Animal Sex

July 21, 2012

The TV is showing  a documentary on animal sex. Heterosexual sex is explained in terms of procreation (as if they knew…) The frequently occurring homosexual acts seem to be harder to understand. The scientists scratch their heads and invent all kinds of explanations. Like it’s some kind of practice for “the real thing”, or dominance of some sort, or perhaps it’s  a way to get a heterosexual partner excited ( if , that is, it’s two females doing it…)

Maybe it’s because there is no partner of the opposite sex available?  Or maybe the stupid animals are simply mistaken about the sex partner’s gender?

Unfortunately none of the theories seem to work; the lion males don’t look twice when two females are having sex right next to them, and the baboons practice homosexual sex even though there’s plenty of individuals of the opposite sex within reach.

Finally one scientist sticks out his neck and speculates that maybe they don’t have a reason for doing it one way or the other, maybe animals do things just because it feels good. By now the viewer has almost lost their voice by yelling at the screen for the past 45 minutes: Hey! maybe they’re just ENJOYING themselves!

Is the study of animals really so functionalist that it’s controversial to imagine they might  do something out of sheer pleasure?